We help founders derisk and grow their business.

Most founders hate finance and rightfully so. We handle the boring stuff—like building pitch decks, financial diligence, finding investors, and meeting banks.

What we typically help with

Raising Equity

When someone invests in your company, they’re there forever. We ensure you connect with the right investors, on the right terms, for the long-term.

Sourcing Debt

Debt can be scary from the wrong lender. We help you find banks that are aligned with you and will finance you at terms that allow you to reach your milestones.

Selling Your Company

You want to sell your company? We’ll help you find the right buyer and structure a deal that works for you, your co-founders, and your team.

Buying Other Companies

Many founders don’t understand how buying another company works. We handhold, source debt, and help you avoid all the pitfalls.

How we do it?

A Protective Force Field Around Your Time

Your time is valuable and shouldn’t be wasted on unproductive meetings. We’ll keep the ball rolling with the parties, handle the negotiations, and ensure that you can continue to focus on your business without getting too distracted.

Translating Finance Speak into English

Unfortunately, Google Translate doesn’t translate Financial Speak into English, but luckily we do. We help you understand the difficult terms, so you can make the best decision for your business.

How We Roll

We don’t wear suits. We won’t alienate or intimidate you with fancy finance terms. We don’t work with investors or companies who don’t share our values. Our job is to help you achieve your mission, not confuse you with words or industry jargon.

Our Philosophy

We believe relationships are built over decades and evolve through mutual interest and desire to help each other
We strive to build relationships with the world's best entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors
Our success is founded on closing deals that meet our clients' needs and continue being their partner well after a deal is closed.

Our Leadership

Andrew Wilkinson

Chris Sparling

Rob Fraser

Louis Kaumeyer